Floating Mesh Hammock Pool Float

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If you don’t mind getting drenched while you continue to float on the surface of the water, this unique pool float is for you. Double Hammock Mesh Pool Float comes with fluffy borders and a mesh center which gives you a blissful experience in a swimming pool.


The pool hammock floats boast a 4-in-1 inflatable float system: hammock, lounge chair, exercise saddle, and Drifter. The Multi-purpose lounge quickly converts for relaxation, socializing, and even exercise in the pool. Lounge features comfortable cool weave fabric and folds easily for portability. Easily inflate and deflate with duo lock inflation system. The pool hammock floats system is a great addition to the summer pool this season and delivers fun so you can socialize, relax and even exercise.


Resort quality fabric makes this versatile hammock stain and fade resistant. Our washable float folds easily it's handy tote bag.

  • Soft Vinyl 50%, Soft Mesh 50%
  • -Perfect Size: 41.3” x 31.4” (105 cm x 80 cm)
  • -Ages 15 and up; Weight Capacity 220 lbs.



  • This is not a life-saving device. NEVER leave children unattended while the device is in use. Use only under competent supervision. Good safety practices should be followed at all times. Do not over-inflate or use high-pressure air to inflate.

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