Floppy Oversized Wide Brim Hats for Women

Color: Camle
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This Floppy sun hat is sure to turn some heads with its dramatic, oversized brim. Give your beach babe look a serious update with this sun hat.


This wide brim sun hat is made in oversized 9.8" brim. It can provide UPF rating 50+ sun protection for your face, neck, shoulders, arms. Protect your skin from sunburn while enjoying summer sunbathing.


Made of 100% high quality paper straw and tightly woven. This soft and breathable wide brim hat with inner sweatband absorbs sweat effectively in summer, keeping cool and dry.


There is a stiff wired edge of a beach hat to hold shape, so you can change the shape to fit your modeling according to your liking. Team this with your summer attire to complete the look.


No summer hat trend is more statement-making or glamorous than the supersized straw hat. Billowing brims that extend out past your shoulders, and in some cases, reach arm’s length, are the ultimate in chic sun protection.

Note: After you receive the fashion hat, you can use the iron to make the hat flatter and more beautiful.

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