Pregnancy Leg Pillow

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  • Ergonomically designed to fit in between your knees
  • Offers optimum support of the knee, leg, waist, back, hip areas.
  • Helps relieve sciatic pain and pressure on the lower back
  • Concave design make natural knee close to the closed, reject bandy legs. Also a great pillow for maternity ladies.
  • High-density memory foam that does not go flat
  • Unique bone shape, ergonomic design.
  • Fits leg curve, promotes blood circulation, absorbed the pressure, relieves leg fatigue and leg pain.
  • Reduces the pressure on hips, knees and joints, makes you have a comfortable nights sleep.
  • Using advanced protective memory foam material, can quickly rebound, soft and comfortable.
  • Pillow cover can be removed and washed.


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