Pregnant 4D Pillow Lumbar Support

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  • Fits the spine curve. Whether it is hours of sitting at the desk hunched over a computer or a long tedious commute to work, sitting for extended periods of time can wreak havoc on your poor spine. The convex curved profile provides wrap around your back spine while giving you comfortable support.
  • Correct the sitting posture. The ergonomics contoured design further promotes proper spine alignment and a healthy posture. It promotes blood circulation with a correct sitting posture for daily usage. 
  • Cooling 4D Mesh Fabric. The comfortable and breathable 4D mesh fabric brings you the cushion with the best cool breeze sensation. Engineered with unique breathable technology that keeps you fresh all day.
  • Multipurpose orthopedic support pillow. The back support cushion is an exceptional multipurpose pillow. Be it for a natural solution of back and side sleepers for back pain relief or just everyday comfort while sitting! 
  • Highly portable for great mobility. The portability makes it easy to bring comfort where ever you go and turn any hard surface into premium support. It weighs just a little over a pound, so you can take it anywhere. You don't have to consign it to just office use! Just slip it in your travel bag and enjoy the comfort anywhere from a plane seat to your car to your office!
  • Slow rebound memory foam. The 100% high-density memory foam is so durable and provides long-lasting comfort. It won't go flat over time like standard foam cushions. Zero pressure slow rebound!
  • Easy to clean washable cover. The removable cover gives you great convenience to wash it anytime for better hygiene.

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