Pregnant Women's Maternity Belts for Waist Care & Abdomen Support

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Belly Band for Pregnancy: Reduces Pregnancy Pains,This elastic maternity belt gives support for pregnant women who seek relief from hip and pelvic pains and other common stretching pains during pregnancy.Support Belt for Pregnant women Provides the lift you need to keep up with daily activities while correcting your posture and supporting abdominal muscles.

Pregnancy Belly Support Band: Fully adjustable to accommodate abdominal growth throughout pregnancy.Soft, Lightweight, And Breathable pregnancy belt binder that acts as a mini cradle for your little one. Motherhood is a magical journey so enjoy it and don’t limit yourself with the pregnancy pains and worries.

Back Support for Pregnant Women-Choosing The Right Size: See 2nd product picture for How To Measure then Refer To Size Chart in product description below. Please measure from around your lower back to under your belly (slightly above the pubic area). Do Not choose according to your maternity pants(trousers) size.

Corrects Poor Posture while supporting weak abdominal muscles during pregnancy and even post-pregnancy. Comes in one convenient size that is fully adjustable and comfortable for everyday wear.Our pregnancy belt support band helps you keep up with your daily activities at the office, at home and even when you exercise or workout.

Belly BandBelly Band: Breathable fabric constructed of a multi-layered laminate with an Elastic lining. This product is designed for walking or standing position, when sitting we recommend to detach the outermost fabric.

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